How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Getting Your Fingerprints Taken

Although taking fingerprints is a straightforward operation, many people make basic errors that result in unusable fingerprints. We at At In Home Fingerprinting Pro want to assist you in avoiding making these kinds of blunders because we know how important it is to have reliable fingerprints. In this article, we’ll go through some typical blunders and provide advice on how to prevent them.

Failing to Take Necessary Precautions

Make sure your fingers are clean and dry before having your fingerprints taken. Lotion and grease on the hands might cause problems with fingerprinting. It’s also a good idea to keep your hands off your face and other surfaces before getting your fingerprints taken since any residue left behind might compromise the accuracy of the prints.

Using Excessive Force

Using excessive force on the fingers during fingerprinting is a typical error. If the fingerprints are smeared or incomplete, the requesting agency may reject them. In order to prevent this, please use the minimum amount of pressure necessary for the fingerprinting technician to get a clean print.

Improper Finger Rolling

If you want a complete fingerprint scan, roll your fingers from side to side while the fingerprint is being collected. If you roll your fingers too rapidly or too slowly, your print can be blurry or incomplete. An expert fingerprinting specialist can help you get clear prints by explaining the procedure and answering your questions.

Changing the Position of Your Fingers

Moving one’s fingers or hands during the fingerprinting procedure is another typical error. If the fingerprints are too indistinct or partial, the requesting agency may reject them. Avoid this by sitting still and following the fingerprinting technician’s directions.

Ignoring Rejected Print Runs

Fingerprints may be rejected owing to difficulties with quality control or other factors. In this case, you should contact the organization that requested the prints to find out why they were turned down. You could have to have your fingerprints retaken or provide the bureau with further information.


Finally, having your fingerprints taken is necessary for numerous procedures, such as applying for a job or a license or even applying for immigration. You may guarantee that your fingerprints are obtained properly and prevent delays or rejections by avoiding common errors and working with an expert fingerprinting specialist.

At In Home Fingerprinting Pro, we work hard to ensure that every fingerprinting session goes off without a hitch. Connect with us and get a flexible appointment booked over call.

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